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It’s been so wonderful to have our Positive Energy Candles win an award in The Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards 2020

Another fantastic surprise as both our products were award winners last week! Our vegan, soy, Positive Energy Candles took the eye or should I say ‘nose’ of the judges too, not only for the scent, but the wonderfully calming and uplifting atmosphere it creates.

For our Positive Energy Candles to win an award too, was really special. Loving candles as I do, I was keen to make as clean and pure a candle as possible. Using soy was the best option being non-toxic and sustainable. Loving bees also, I was keen to not use beeswax, which can then present issues relative to getting a good throw of the scent. Hand poured in the UK by a genius, boutique candle maker, we came up with the the Best Soy Aromatherapy candle possible.

After the beautiful balancing spa like fragrance, people mainly comment on how well it burns right to the bottom, and how there is no black smoke.

Find yours here.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us by trying the products, and to those that come back time and time again, now they’re addicted to the smell and how it makes them feel!

At a time when the World often feels challenging, a bit of soul enhancing positive energy, uplifting fragrance and light has to go quite a long way…

Thank you so much also to @BeautyShortlist and @AmazingPRltd