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The Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards 2020

We were incredibly humbled to read the list of entrants to this year’s 10th Anniversary ‘Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards’. Brands that we could only dream of being given as gifts, let alone entering products along side!

Valeur Absolue, Sana Jardin, a fellow Positive Luxury brand, Tisserand, REN, Neal’s Yard Remedies, The Organic Pharmacy, Oskia, Argentum Apothecary, Neom, Weleda, to name but a few.

The Awards were created by beauty journalist and eco lifestyle advocate Fiona Klonarides in 2012. They went global in 2017. What I love about them in particular, is that they are judged by experts. Every product entered undergoes thorough testing by industry experts in London, New York and Sydney.

100% Independent, Ad-Free and Sponsor-Free, they are wholly independent of allegiance to any organisation, brand or entity whatsoever, and are widely recognised for their objectivity, transparency and ethical focus. We found this, as an ethos, in itself, wholly inspiring and something they must be extremely proud of – so when we heard that our 3-in-1 Soul Mist STILL, had been given best Best Aromatherapy self care & mood enhancing product, we were absolutely thrilled, especially at this time where self care has to be a priority.

3-IN-1 SOUL MIST STILLPillow Mist & Room Spray - A positive energy gift from the Universal Soul Company

The Best Night’s Sleep

“A hug in a bottle” – it’s the perfect room spray, as it creates positive energy to uplift you, as it’s spritzed! What then makes it unique, is that it is also a fantastic pillow spray, created to give you the best night’s sleep. That was the whole purpose of creating a multifunction product. If the integrity of the ingredients are good enough, they work in synergy, so we don’t need to buy two separate products. Better for our purses and for the environment!

We added no alcohol, and chose very carefully the quality of water used in it, which allowed the 100% natural essential oils to be experienced in as pure a form as possible, and so actually just do their jobs – which is why so many people have found it gives them simply the best night’s sleep. We have also had people who think they don’t like lavender love it, as when the oils are unencumbered, they smell very different – it’s a bit like a really fresh bowl of fruit, rather than one that has been kept too long.

The Science

We were extremely lucky to work with a wonderful scientist to create the formula. The Positive Energy created when the Soul Mist is spritzed, is not just a ‘nice idea’, there is basic science behind it. When air and water move, air molecules are broken up, which releases the much desired ‘negative ions’ which we experience naturally by the ocean or by a waterfall. It’s that wonderful uplifting feeling we all know and love. So our Soul Mist recreates this positive energy in it’s own way,  whenever it is spritzed, which can really help to reduce stress, environmental toxins, and generally create a better ‘atmosphere’ in any room. At night, this ‘positive energy’ is the environment in which you go off to sleep, so it not only gift’s you a great night’s sleep, but because you drift off in a cloud of positive energy, there’s no surprise you awaken feeling good too!

You can buy yours here:

So thrilled to have won this award for best aromatherapy product – it’s been the loveliest surprise. Thank you Beauty Shortlist and Amazing PR.